Certificate Course in Mentoring Champions

Certificate Course on Mentoring Champions- Level 1 is an introductory course on mentoring junior athletes, specially designed for parents and coaches.



About Course

Certificate Course on Mentoring Champions - Level 1 is a basic Introductory course  on mentoring junior athletes. Mentors play an important part in a child's development as an athlete as well as a human being.  A mentor  should know how to set goals for a junior, create plans and keep him/her motivated and disciplined in his/her developmental journey.  At the same time, the mentor should know how much to push the child in his pursuit and  how to deal with failure and frustration.   This basic course covers all these essential elements of mentorship. The course also covers the basics of sports psychology.



Why do we need this course?

Most of the times, a kid's first mentor is his/her parents or coaches. Unfortunately, in most cases the parents do not know how to mentor their son or daughter and guide them on their journey. Keeping that in mind, this basic Level-1 course is designed speacially for parents and coaches with an aim to introduce the idea of mentorship to them.  

The focus is kept on creating course contents which are simple to read and easy to understand, while avoiding too much of technical jurgons. The course is  meant to be an introduction to mentoring for parents and cover the basic  ideas that one must know before mentoring and guiding his or her child.

How is the Course Structured?

The basic elements of Mentoring is compiled and structured into 12 chapters. Most of these concepts are basic, simple yet extremely powerful. Keeeping that in mind, a simple quiz test is kept at the end of each chapter.  One can only move to the next chapter after he/she completes the quiz of previous chapter successfully with a score of 50% or above. 

A total of 60% weightage is kept on the chapter quizzes ( 5% each for 12 chapters). After the completion of all 12 chapters, one can take the final exam which has a weightage of 40%. The certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the final exam with an final score of 50% and above.

Who is this course for?

The course is specially designed for parents and coaches. However, anyone who has an interest in becoming a mentor can do this course.

I have no prior exposure in mentoring. Can I still do this course?

yes, you can. In fact, this course is meant for you!

This course is designed for people who have a need to mentor a junior, maybe their son or daughter or students, but do not have any idea of how to begin with. This is a basic introductory course and the contents are created keeping that in mind. The contents of this course are essentially easy to read and simple to understand, so that you can develop an idea about how to approach mentoring your child.

What is the course fee?

 The course fee is 6000/- inclusive of GST. However, we are giving and early bird offer which makes the first 30 customers eligible to purchase the course at 2999/- only! Contact our team to avail the offer now.