Education and Sports in India: Why are we not producing enough Champions?

Even with a population of over 120 crore, India has not been actually producing enough champions in sports. Even today we are happy if we get 1 or 2 medals in Olympics while countries much smaller in size and of lesser population achieve a lot more than us.

In the current education system a child has to choose between pursuing education and following their dream as an athlete. The mind of an athlete is not focused on academics and the education system fails to recognize talents beyond books.

Facilitating the Great Indian Sports Story

CFL Academy has been conceptualized by Protouch Sports along with the partnership of Praxis Business School to enable young sportspersons to pursue their passion with obsession. Our objective is to prepare future champions for their examinations, graduation, life skills and also add value to their sports training. This course will offer skills that even conventional schooling fails to provide to an athlete, for their conduct and survival

The objective of the program is:

  • Provide Educational support up to graduation level for our athletes in a flexible, customized manner so that they can spend more time on their sports and not worry about studies.
  • Provide additional subjects support and life skills like public speaking, communication & social skills, handing media, managing personal finances which are essential for overall development of an athlete.
  • Offer the basic sports science support for the students to make the most out of their sports.
  • An athlete’s career span is short-lived compared to any other profession. CFL aims to prepare the junior athlete through graduation level education and overall development, which enhances the athlete’s employability in life after retirement or even if his/her sporting dream fails to materialize.